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Hardwood Floor Installation

We specialize in the installation of hardwood floors, steps, and baseboards. Our knowledge and expertise on the different types of hardwood flooring available will ensure we find the look  and finish best for your flooring needs. 

Laminate Floor Installation

We specialize in the installation of laminate floors, steps, and baseboards. There are a number of laminate floor types on the market and our guidance and free estimate during this process will ensure that you have a world class  flooring experience  from start to finish.

Vinyl Floor Installation

We offer and specialize in the installation of vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is currently available in a number of styles and finishes. Authentic Floors is available to help clients in navigating this option and selecting the look, style, and finish that best fits your space. 

Hardwood Floor Repair & Restoration

Authentic Floors can restore your floors to their former glory or revitalize your space with our refinishing services.  Whether you are looking to sand, screen, or stain your hardwood floors; we are available to serve you and the evolving visions you have for your space. 

Laminate Floor Repair

Whether your laminate floors are  suffering from minor scratches or extensive wear and tear, we are here to help! Contact us for a free estimate to determine the course of action best to restore your laminate floors. 

"My dining room and den floors look awesome and the compliments are endless."

Robin V. - South Orange, N. J.



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